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Buy research chemicals online
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Buy research chemicals online

Are you looking for a reputable vendor of research chemicals? Your search ends on this webshop. Cannabinoids Sales(CBS) is reliable, trustworthy and honest. We stock nothing but Quality research chemicals.

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Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for all orders above $250. Take advantage of this and save the shipping fees.

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Buy research chemicals online
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Cannabinoids for sale

Buy synthetic cannabinoids from reputable supplier only. Buy Cannabinoids from a vendor you can trust.

Cannabinoids for sale

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Buy Top quality psychedelics from us. We stock magic mushrooms(Psilocybin), DMT, LSD, Ayahuasca and NBOMes.

Cannabinoids for sale

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We stock Benzos like: alprazolam, chlordiazepoxide, clonazepam, clorazepate, diazepam, estazolam, flurazepam, lorazepam and Etizolam

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Customers Reviews

I was really hoping that someone from my batch will suggest me a good name of a vendor from where I could buy my intended research chemicals and powders. And fortunately, I got to know about Cannabinoids Sales. I must say they are best in their work and understand how to carry things forwards for making the customer’s experience better every time. From now onwards, each purchase concerning research chemicals will be done at this store. I have become a real fan of this store because they have the best products and services!
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Mila Kunis

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With having wonderful experience and getting amazing product quality, I have become the regular customer of Cannabinoids Sales. These people are truly amazing. No one can beat their expertise when it comes to helping people globally in regard to research chemicals like SGT-67. My research work got so easy with their help. I think everyone should connect with these distributors and buy their requirements. The kind of experience I had with them is commendable and would like to get in touch with them soon!
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Mike Sendler

Research chemicals for sale

Steroids for sale

It is really hard to believe anyone these days, especially when it comes to purchasing research chemicals and powders. You cannot just jump on to some website and buy them because you never know what kind of quality they maintain in their products or whether they are trustworthy to make payments using your details. I don’t know about others but I can openly say that Cannabinoids Sales is the top supplier of research chemicals you can trust upon. Your payments and personal details are safe with them and you will surely receive the best like I got.

Kyle Simon

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I would highly recommend Cannabinoids Sales to everyone around the globe who wish to buy any type of research chemicals. Due to urgent need of Ethylone Crystals in the USA, I was worrying about finding a right place. And with god’s grace, I found my support system in the face of CBS store. The kind of product quality they maintain is unmatchable. I am highly impressed with their working style. When buying research chemicals from CBS, you are 100% guaranteed to receive quality products upon arrival of your package. Buy Research from CBS today. Try them out!!

Research addict

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I do not think if there are any other distributors like Cannabinoids Sales. The reason being, they offer high discounts on each and every product. I was expecting my order for bmdp within a matter of 14 days but got it delivered within a week time only. They are the best in offering top services and products. They can complete any requirements in timely manner. After receiving my order, I was skeptical thinking they shipped table salt to me instead of research chemicals. Upon testing the product, I was satisfied. Thank you for helping me out CBS.

German Client

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This would not be an exaggeration to say that Cannabinoids Sales is the best support system if someone is willing to buy 5cabp for sale. I have never met such professionals before. Their 24X7 support service helped me in tracking my order. I did not miss a single detail about the shipping and delivery of my research chemical. One should definitely get in touch with them!


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I do not often write reviews for any of my purchases. But the product and service I received from CBS store convinced me to write one for them. Well, I would say that I never expected that I am going to get this brilliant experience from here. But these people surprised me in a good way. I am surely going to contact in future also. I will definitely come back for more.

Samantha Gilbert

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Just like the saying- “New Year comes with new things,” I got my new supplier for 5fmdmb2201 too. I was looking everywhere but unable to find one that supplier on whom I can rely concerning timely deliveries and quality products. And finally got none other than Cannabinoids Sales. Super products! Super services! Super coordination! Super delivery system! Very happy.

Edward Woo

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