♡ FLORIDA Medical Marijuana Review  ♡ | truCLEAR (edible THC oil) 2

♡ FLORIDA Medical Marijuana Review ♡ | truCLEAR (edible THC oil)

starts getting weird at 1:23 (if u r watching and feeling bored at first)

hello! Watch this to see me talk about & review an edible THC concentrate product (for FL marijuana patients)

It is called truCLEAR and it is sold by trulieve medical dispensaries! NOT SPONSORED JUST MY OPINION, KITTENS. calm down

I’m sorry for any editing flaws in this one but this was a super quick video/edit. it’s been a busy week.

But, fear not. I plan to share with you a series of videos about truCLEAR – in the form of several videos to come.
all the strains, struggles, triumphs, etc. can get a little frustrating or confusing but I’ve done the dirty work for you and I’m ready to tell you everything you could ever want to know about this product so

This is not sponsored. This is just a review about my own thoughts!! , additionally I’m just passionate AF and on a mission to spread some knowledge about the oftentimes confusing world of legal weed in Florida. (*you have to be a state registered patient to acquire these products!*)

it’s a great product overall!. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!! and thank u for watching! – ellie


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