100% Legal Raw Cannabis CBD Rich Green Juice & More from Expo East 2015 2

100% Legal Raw Cannabis CBD Rich Green Juice & More from Expo East 2015

John from ‪http://www.okraw.com/‬ shares with you the best products for people who live a raw vegan lifestyle at the industry-only Natural Products Expo East 2015 that took place in Baltimore, Maryland.
In this episode you will discover John’s personal review of this event as a 20 year raw plant eater… You will learn about the best natural products at this expo that may allow you to better the health of you and your family.

In this episode, you will discover:
02:27 Spring Blender – A Blender that grinds at lower speed than high speed blenders that may minimize oxidation.
08:55 Awesome Foods – Dried Chips and Crackers, Tempura, Nori Bites, Poppadoms and more!


11:27 All New Omega TWIN30S – Include more produce by juicing
13:14 Naturally Noble – Growing Food Based Specific Mineral Rich vegetables that will address mineral deficiencies that is associated with disease conditions. Also produces a fertilizer that will give people with type 2 diabetes the trace minerals they may need for optimal health.

Delivering Noble Mineral Nutrition for Health

21:28 Sedona Express Dehydrator, Solostar 4 Juicer and Sousvant Souvide Raw Food Cooker.
26:05 Kuvings Juice Chef Juice Commercial Slow Juicer for Juice Bars can be run for 8 hours straight. Also Kuvings Smart Blender more powerful than the vitamix.
Will be first shown and demonstrated at (when available)
30:19 Sana Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Juice- 100% Legal Raw Juice from the Leaves of Industrial Cannabis Sativa Plants (same plants that provide Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil, and Hemp Protein Powder). The industrial hemp contains beneficial cannabinoids including CBD that may be beneficial for your health, that contains NO THC content and will not get you high.


After watching this episode you will learn about the above products and so much more along the way.

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