20 Soaps in India Ranked from Worst to Best 2

20 Soaps in India Ranked from Worst to Best

What soap have you been using? Lux, Cinthol, Dove or Pears?
Most of the soaps that are available in the market have so many toxic chemicals that a common man is unaware of.
From strong detergent ingredients to harmful alcohols to petroleum products to pesticides, soaps have it all. Soaps are something which we use on a daily basis.
And when we use a soap which has many harmful chemicals. over a period of time they seep into the bloodstream through the pores in our body and damage us from within. The worst part is that we don’t even know that we are unintentionally harming our body on a daily basis.
Let me tell you that it is unfortunate that the soaps which we have been using since childhood have the maximum number of toxic chemicals.I was so shocked during the research of this video that I too had to change the bathing soap I had been using all my life.


1. Propylene Glycol
2. PEG – n, where n is a number. Higher the n, worse the soap is.
3. Tetrasodium EDTA
4. BHT
5. Methylchlorosiothiazolinone
6. Amodimethionene
7. Trideceth – 10
8. Tetrabutyl Ammonium Bromide
9. Cosmetic Colors
10. Fragrances

I have thoroughly gone through each and every ingredient in almost all the soaps that are available in in Indian market. I have picked up around 20 most commonly used soaps in Indian homes.

I have categorized these soaps in 5 categories on the basis of number of toxic chemicals in them.

01:58 – CATEGORY 1 has 8-10 toxic chemicals.
02:21 – CATEGORY 2 has 5-6 toxic chemicals.
02:38 – CATEGORY 3 has 2-3 toxic chemicals.
02:52 – CATEGORY 4 soaps have not mentioned the complete ingredient information.
03:25 – CATEGORY 5 soaps have almost no harmful ingredients.
Source – http://www.biodizionario.it/

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