5 Things to Know About DOD's Research on 'Fluorine-Free' Firefighting Foam > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Story 2

5 Things to Know About DOD’s Research on ‘Fluorine-Free’ Firefighting Foam > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Story


AFFF replacement research is funded by DOD’s environmental research and demonstration programs: the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program. They work on environmental issues that are of concern to DOD and additional research is needed. 

“We attempt to solve DOD’s problems, get out ahead of looming issues, work on new practices that make us more efficient and more effective while reducing environmental hazards,” said Herbert Nelson, the SERDP director. 

Since fiscal year 2017, DOD has committed $11 million toward research in alternative firefighting technologies. SERDP has provided funding opportunities for basic and applied research and advanced technology development to identify solutions and technologies that use nanotechnology, polymers and more. 

ESTCP has funded the testing of existing products to see if they meet the military’s standards.


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