A Brief Introduction to Drug Checking & Why It's Important 2

A Brief Introduction to Drug Checking & Why It's Important

Drug checking encompasses a range of technologies, with the most accessible one being reagent tests. Different chemical mixtures (reagents) can be applied to drug samples in order to reduce your chance of taking the wrong drug. Based on the color reaction (or lack thereof) from a test, you’ll have a better idea of the likelihood that you have the correct drug.

The MDMA and LSD markets, among others, are notoriously problematic. Whether you’re using an illicit drug or a research chemical, reagents should nearly always be employed. Some of the adulterants that have been found in the aforementioned markets can be easily dangerous or deadly, such as 25i-NBOMe and PMA.

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International Drug Checking Day: http://www.internationaldrugcheckingday.com/

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More advanced testing providers: https://www.reddit.com/r/ReagentTesting/wiki/labs

Reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDrugClassroom/comments/62e4y5/a_brief_introduction_to_drug_checking_why_its/


00:43 – A brief intro to reagents
01:46 – How to test your drugs
02:28 – Why drug checking is important
03:32 – Good resources related to reagents
04:30 – Limitations of reagent testing
05:08 – Other testing options
05:44 – Where to get reagent tests

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