Aitch – Taste (Make It Shake) Official Video 2

Aitch – Taste (Make It Shake) Official Video

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Director: Oliver Marshall

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Show ‘em baby how you flex and make it shake
All that back and pretty face girl I’m trying to get s Taste
I’m just bopping give a fuck who’s in the place
Gucci buckle with the snake but hoodie looking bait

Repeat Chorus

Verse 1

Show em baby how you flex and make it bounce
Make it drop it’s getting hot should we be waking up the house
Fuck it keep it up I know you love it when your loud
But if we hear the door knocking we can’t make another sound
Love my bruddah’s that’s for life I know my family got me
Couple bitches, couple haterz, couple brands are on me
Leave me be I live my life with fucking cameras on me
Do my thing, I’m setting pace go tell a man to stop me
Couple bruddahs got a job, a couple buy and sell
Grew up sliding round in north manny you can kinda tell
If you see me with a girl my chick be looking fly as well.
Louis V crepes and the belt but the bags Chanel
Had a rest and then I had to step the levels up
Got it in my head that I’m best so I aint stressing much
I aint on the fake shit so I ain’t gonna beg for love
Gally love me anyway, Big Shelley and I wet it up

Chorus x 2

Verse 2

The aims to get the bag and then get off
Ain’t got time to rest not settling for second to the top
Going all the way you know I got to get it never flop
Man step up in the dance and then we’re wrecking up the spot
It’s crazy how I’m living might of lost a couple screws
Blowing clouds up in the room now I’m off into the moon,
Still gotta bit of youth in me I’m always in the mood
When i’m in the studio I don’t want no one in the room
Bout to take another sip I’m just young and living life you can’t blame it on the kid
Kick back with a bottle while I make another quid
I’m the captain of this ting and it gets wavy on my ship
(Yeah) Man stay with the squaddy, waved in the lobby getting paid is my hobby
One thick ting should’ve seen the shape of her body
Got me taking videos when she’s shaking it for me.

Chorus x 2

Verse 3

I slide around from time to time
You likely find a lighty by my side
She’s spicey likes to ride cause I’m the guy
She wifey nice and I say kind a shy
Put my hoodie on baby and go and make it Shake
Tripping out when I’m blazing I saw a bathing ape
Got my girl going crazy I need to take a break
All these girls jumping on me it’s got me taking chase
Who am I to complain when money and fame’s what drives me insane
True say I could have worse problems
So I stay smiling and riding my wave
Shit quick slip slide in the rave
Got your chick lipstick on the side of my face
This his bitch but mine for the day
So he gets dismissed when I’m in the place

Chorus x 2


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