Anesthetic Research Chemicals - Free Samples 2

Anesthetic Research Chemicals – Free Samples

Cannabinoids Sales(CBS) is a top and most reliable Chinese vendor of research chemical products, like 2FDCK, Etizolam, 5F-ADB, BMDP, FUB-AMB, BK-EBDP, U49900, Hexen, NM2201 & CL-PVP, etc and their analogs.

We could provide no more than 10g samples for most products free of charge, but deposit collect. The deposit depends on what & how many samples you like, and it could be deducted when you place official order.

We have three partner factories to provide products to us. They can produce any products according to your request, except illegal items. Welcome to contact us for any interests.


7 thoughts on “Anesthetic Research Chemicals – Free Samples”

  1. nicholas gilchrist

    spend 10 grand a month on products for customers, looking for a new vendor, if you would send me some samples of your benzodiazepine like products I am getting close to making a choice you came highly regarded, you can send to me at nick gilchrist
    2715 2nd ave n
    great falls, mt 59401

  2. Christopher Markel

    I’m looking for a reliable fu-f Vendor I spend a decent amount of money each month if a vendor could send a free sample with buisness card info I’m sick of getting ripped off.some vendor has to be willing to take a chance to gain a forever costomer send to Julie Oster 1018 killpatrick rd Hendersonville NC 27739 hope to receive a sample soon put a x on envelope so I don’t think it’s junk mail the first vendor to send with good quality gets my buisness.

  3. Christopher Markel

    That’s NC 28739 sorry

  4. David bowles

    My name is David bowles I spend good cash each month so would like to get a few samples of good stimulant. Chems. Please send to 13 john johnston court, Hayton road, Carlisle, ca13be thank you.

  5. Tera McClellan

    Mysterious plants gave me a free sample and I love them . They have really great 1plsd:)) they don’t have any benzos or mdma type research chicals.I also am searching for stimulant empathogen cathinone and pain killer rc ‘s. Hook me up, if the quality is good I will be spending thousand s of dollars per month with smile on my face. FTF power 2 the people. Woo woot peace and

  6. In need of good vendor.please send samples to
    J.D.L Llc
    4025 s. Hillcrest Avenue
    Springfield M.O.65807

  7. Jordan Luke

    I’ve been trying to find a good vendor for FMA or other stims.
    Jordan Luke
    P.O. box 1641
    Port Townsend, WA 98368
    thanks so much.

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