Audio Narration of a Changa DMT/NMT breakthrough experience. 2

Audio Narration of a Changa DMT/NMT breakthrough experience.

I am not a ” content creator” not a good one anyway. I will work on better imagery if I do this again. But the audio is the content.

I do not condone or wish to promote drug use. However people have used them since the dawn of man so if you do, use harm reduction. DMT is not for everyone. While this was a very pleasant trip not everyone has pleasant trips. Setting, intentions and mindset are key. NEVER combine with other meds especially anti depressants or anti psychotics. You could die. Never do this alone. Have a trip sitter. There are no images of drug use in this video. There is however some very faint music that is helping guide my trip.

I realized that the tunnel of ice I saw were in the shape of the known universe from a documentary I watched recently.

The music for sake of transparency is Jon & Vangelis ~ Beside

I never monetize I don’t ask for your donations. If you wish, please consider donating to Buddhist Global Relief.

Most of my other videos are just me playing music just as a place to keep ideas for myself. Youtube will probably yank this. If not and you enjoy it I may do more. Let me know in the comments.

Artwork by Alex Grey
Thank you


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