BLACKWATER Cannabis Oil Strain Review 2

BLACKWATER Cannabis Oil Strain Review

Blackwater Cannabis Oil Strain Review
VapeMeds Blackwater is a concentrate derived from the special version of this strain by breeder Cali Connection which they developed and first released for the Medicinal Cannabis Cup in 2010. It is the child of parent strains Mendo Purps and San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3.

It is one of the most powerful medicinal strains currently available in the United States. A champion among the medicinal heavyweights, it placed as a finalist in the 2014 Medicinal Cannabis Cup in addition to having won multiple other awards.

The Basics Of Blackwater
Indica dominates this hybrid meaning it lends itself more to the traits of that primary cannabis variety while having limited Sativa traits. More specifically, it is 90% Indica with 10% Sativa which helps to explain why its effects are primarily physical. This is great if you want all deep healing with minimal cerebral effects to distract you.

The primary active ingredients are the cannabinoids THC with some CBD. Percentage-wise, samples have tested with just over 20% THC though the average is closer to 15%. CBD averages about 1% providing further enhancement to the physical Sativa effects.

Blackwater’s vapor has a great earthy berry flavor that mixes in aspects of lemon and pine. On the exhale, distinctly sweet and sour notes are left on your tongue. The aroma is that of a pleasant fruity lingering incense and it’s all very smooth.

A Medicinal Heavyweight For Home Use
Offering benefits that are in line with classic Indica dominant medications which focus on the body, within several minutes, a palpable sense of calm envelops the core and spreads down through the limbs, allowing users to breathe comfortably and easily. This profound relaxation makes it perfect for treating anxiety, depression, migraines, and muscle spasms. It has also been shown to help stress-related conditions like PTSD, as it will temporarily get the mind off of those preoccupations and concerns.

Blackwater’s gentle physical numbing helps users in need of an effective painkiller for their chronic aches and pains. Whether these are incidental from exercise, ongoing due to injury, or caused by conditions like fibromyalgia. It even provides relief from some side effects resulting from chemotherapy treatment including helping with appetite and nausea.

Onset can be somewhat slower than other strains, so patients are encouraged to take their time and get settled in to this with the expectation of being comfortably couch-locked. This is definitely a strain made for staying in and not venturing out.

The full body effects will intensify as greater amounts are consumed. Medically speaking, these effects have diverse applications. In larger doses, this strain can induce deep sleep for those who suffer from insomnia.

An Indica For The Experienced
With effects that last noticeably longer than the average, Blackwater is well-known as one of the more potent Indica dominant hybrids. It lacks any noticeable cerebral side-effects instead focusing on delivering a total body relaxation and calming of the mind to assist with deeper, calmer, healing. Especially for those who are looking for new sedative options due to building up their tolerance, this award winning strain serves up maximum relief.


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