Brown Algae IN Your Aquarium Fish Tank How to Remove it Organically Nerite Snails 2

Brown Algae IN Your Aquarium Fish Tank How to Remove it Organically Nerite Snails

How to clean algae off of rocks, ornaments, walls and the bottom of your freshwater tank using Nerite Snails. The Best Way to naturally clean your tank.

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How to automatically remove algae from your aquarium without damaging plants and without chemicals.
Nerite Snails are a fantastic solution to this continuous problem.
If your water chemistry is good, you don’t have high nitrates or other problems, snails will thrive and nerite snails won’t reproduce in fresh water.
I found the best source for Nerite and other snail species at
I am not compensated and did not receive any special “deal” from Aquatic Arts, I bought my snails on Amazon just the way anyone else would. My experience with them was perfect and I’ll definitely be shopping with them in the future.
I have currently 7 snails in a 54 gallon tank and that’s more than enough. The tank is now extremely clean and they are doing more than I expected them to.
They even will go up and clean above the waterline! That’s right, they will go OUT of the water and then return on their own.
Absolutely beautiful zebra nerite snails, so impressed.

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