Cannabis Extraction with Dimethyl Ether (DME/methoxymethane/CH3OCH3) - No Butane (1/2) 2

Cannabis Extraction with Dimethyl Ether (DME/methoxymethane/CH3OCH3) – No Butane (1/2)

It looks like this product is no longer available. Having known the distributors and manufacturers personally, I am not surprised as they were scumbags. However, they seemed to have happened upon a goldmine for the cannabis extracts industry (their over-protectiveness is what caused the product to fail). End products tested on par with BHO, with THC content over 70%, as well as terpene that butane won’t pull. Because DME is slightly more miscible in water than butane, chlorophyll and other water solubles are in slightly higher concentrations that with BHO. This shouldn’t be a factor at low temperatures or after winterizing.


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