CAREERS IN MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY – BMLT,Certification Courses,Job Openings,Research,Salary Package 2

CAREERS IN MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY – BMLT,Certification Courses,Job Openings,Research,Salary Package

CAREERS IN MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY.Go through the career opportunities of MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information,Job opportunities,Education details of MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY.
Medical field is an endlessly growing field where in novel things keep on adding, every day. People are required in this field to perform various tasks. One of them is related to Lab technology. The professionals performing the tasks related to this field of work are called as Clinical Lab technicians or merely Lab technicians. They conduct tests which are used in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. There are further specialised skills in this field of expertise.
(Common Work Areas for Medical Lab Technologists & Technicians )

Medical Lab technology is an allied health profession. There are two levels of professionals: technicians and technologists. Medical technologist work in five major areas of laboratory: Blood banking, Clinical chemistry (Chemical analysis of blood and other fluids), Haematology (related to blood), Immunology (related to immune system), Microbiology (related to microbial organisms like bacteria, virus, fungi etc). They also work in areas of Cytotechnology (related to tissue), Phlebotomy, Urinalysis, Parasitology (related to parasites) and Serology (related to Serum/sera).

Medical lab technologists perform more complex and complicated tests. They have more training and job responsibilities. In some laboratories, lab technologists even conduct research under guidance of medical researchers. In short, the job of a lab technologist is studious and inclined towards learning and understanding.

In case of Medical lab technician, they are required to do routine laboratory testing according to the instructions stipulated for them. They work under supervision. Technicians are required to do simple laboratory testing. However, they are expected to do them with precision and carefulness. Apart from conducting tests, lab technicians also clean the laboratory and the equipments. They are also engaged into preparing standard solutions, reagents and other material for tests.

In India, courses like Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) are offered for candidates aspiring to be Lab Technologists. For lab technicians, Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology and other Certification courses are available. There are specialised Certification courses like Diploma in EEG Lab technician, Course in Histopathology Lab technology, etc.
There are various Medical and Nursing Colleges and Institutions running above courses. However, the authorities who have ultimate control over all such matter are Indian Council of Medical Research, All India Institute of Medical Technologists and All India Medical laboratory Technologists Association.

India is considered as hub for medical tourism. Due to the mushrooming of hospitals and clinics in cities and rural areas, medical laboratories are also abundantly constructed either in such infrastructure or built in the vicinity of such infrastructure. Therefore, candidates aspiring to be Medical Lab Technicians or Medical Lab Technologists have opportunities to work in such laboratories. A professional qualified and a well experienced person can also set up his own laboratory.

A pay scale in India for any Lab technician is not less than 2 lakhs per annum. However, with more professional experience, skills and qualifications, it shall surely go higher. The Medical Laboratory Technologists have an attractive way towards research in near future if they are interested into it. Working in a state of art laboratory certainly adds to the merits of the candidature.

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