CBD Unicorns | Hemp Deals Gone Awry | Boomspharm.com | Episode 02 2

CBD Unicorns | Hemp Deals Gone Awry | Boomspharm.com | Episode 02

CBD Unicorn Hemp Deals in the US have brokers, buyers, and sellers, wide eyed doing new business with large orders that seem “too good to be true…”

Every had someone say they “need 100 kilos of isolate? How about 1,000 kilos!?

Nick Boomer has been in the cannabis / hemp industry for 16+ years, and experienced these Unicorns deals that never get landed, for several reasons…

Watch and listen how the market has brokers, buyers, and sellers, spinning their wheels…

Learn How To Grow Cannabis With Living Soil Using No Harmful Chemicals, Or Pesticides!

Whether your new to growing, or looking to transition from Hydro to Organic cultivation practices, this is the channel for you!

Upcoming web course “Grow Better Cannabis, Organically, For Less.” -will be released on the website, for students looking to invest in their green-thumb abilities further.

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Join Nick Boomer, founder & owner of Boomspharm LLC, as he shares 17+ years experience growing in the cannabis industry. Teaching topics from cultivation 101, living soil, lighting types, integrated pest management programs, hemp, lab testing, compliance, and more!

With so much changing in the cannabusiness space, the demand for genuine information is more prevalent than ever. I will be collabing with guests on podcasts and future web courses, with other experts in the field, to share what we see on the ground floor.

As this new industry develops, we have the chance to strengthen our cannabis community, one that prides itself on sustainability, craft production, and doing so organically. The price for weed continues to rise with regulation and taxes taking over legal states, encouraging more and more consumers to grow their own.
-Thus, Ive dedicated many hours into content creation to share with you how to grow your own at home for less. Please share with someone who could benefit from this channel!

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-Nick Boomer

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