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How To Make K2 Out Of Household Items  



When people hear about K2 for the first time, one of the main things that they want to know is exactly what it contains, or more specifically, they would like to know what about K2 synthetic marijuana is different from real marijuana.

Theoretically speaking, it might appear to be very simple to answer that question. However, it actually isn’t. The exact ingredients contained in K2 is a secret that is very closely guarded. There are just a few people in the entire world that know what goes into making authentic K2 incense.

K2 was initially introduced in the early part of the twenty-first century to the world. Consumers at the time were informed that it was simply a completely legal mixture of various herbs that were both natural and legal. For some people, that answer was good enough, but others were irritated by it.

Although they were not going to be consuming the K2 incense, people still wanted to know what they were actually using during their meditation and yoga sessions. Analysis of K2 was not performed in a laboratory until 2008. It showed that the original theories about how K2 was created were not exactly true.

The lab results showed that K2 did contain a number of completely legal ingredients. However, the results showed synthetic cannabinoids as well.

Although it is possible that just herbs alone would be sufficient to make K2 incense really stand out from the other incense brands that are on the market currently, a majority of individuals feels that what really sets K2 part from other incense is the synthetic cannabinoids that are added to the product.

As it turns out, whenever the human body is in direct contact with synthetic cannabinoids, it has a very similar reaction to the experience it has when exposed to herbal cannabis exposure.

That is why so many people have discovered that it is easier for them to relax when burning K2 incense compared to other incense brands. It was indicated in the lab results that each K2 incense batch has five distinct synthetic cannabinoids.

Tocopherols is another ingredient that is commonly contained in K2 incense. They are a compound of chemicals which exhibit the same kind of activity that Vitamin E does.

Along with the synthetic cannabinoids and Tocopherols, several herbs are also used in making K2 incense. Although the exact recipe for making K2 incense is still a closely guarded secret that is only known by the manufacturer and the lab that performed the 2008 test, it is widely accepted that most of the ingredients contained in K2 are either herbal, which makes it so relaxing for many people, or are botanical, which helps to explain the incense’s sweet scent.

The herbs used to create K2 incense come from all over the world. They are blended in a way that creates a very soothing and pleasant scent that lingers in the air for a very long time. The interesting blend really does produce an interesting product that stands out from the rest.





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