Compound Screening Platform Is Launched by BOC Sciences for Drug Discovery Research 2

Compound Screening Platform Is Launched by BOC Sciences for Drug Discovery Research


SHIRLEY, NY, NY, UNITED STATES – Oct 30, 2019 – With unceasing steps in the field of drug discovery, BOC Sciences, primarily known as an industry-leading chemical vendor, recently launches an efficient, economical and systematic one-stop compound screening platform, in a hope to fulfill the clients’ demand in drug R&D. Previously, this company has already released a series of drug development-related tools ranging from virtual screening, isotope labeling, drug design to antibody-drug conjugate, screening libraries, formulation and more.

As admitted, developing a new drug is unbelievably costly and usually takes long years to finish the whole process before finally making it to the market. In the initial step of hit identification, more than 10,000 compounds are synthesized and evaluated, so that the most ideal compounds that can interact with a target protein of interest are chosen out and then labeled as potential candidates for further development. High-throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS) techniques often come to help accelerate this time-consuming process.

“After the identification of promising hits, medicinal chemistry scientist will start to refine them before entering the drug development pipeline. If we can choose the best compounds to start with, then chances of success will be greater. A quality high-throughput screening (HTS) campaign is a must for the differentiation of high-quality, innovative compounds before moving forward to clinical stages,” says Mr. Barron Jones, the Marketing Chief of BOC Sciences. “In a screening library, there could be more than 30,000 to one million compounds in total. Our internationally validated HTS technology is advantageous in terms of its ability of rapid detection of trace quantities with high sensitivity and accuracy. Moreover, compounds can be tested multiple times in different screening models, thereby increasing the probability of discovering new leads and drug candidates.”

On the other hand, to test the biological activity of compounds, disease models at molecular, cell and animal levels are often used as those tests canot be directly carried out in the human body. “Considering this, BOC Sciences also supplies more than 200 in vitro and in vivo bioassays of various models for research in many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neural system diseases, reproductive system diseases, respiratory system diseases, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases.” Further adds Mr. Barron Jones.

With the combination of over 100 High-throughput screening or high content screening models and various drug screening assays, BOC Sciences’ screening capacity now reaches approximately 100,000 samples per day. For more information about BOC Sciences’ integrated compound screening platform, please visit:

About high throughput screening (HTS)

HTS is an innovative approach used in drug discovery to identify active molecules or “hits”, which have the most desirable therapeutic activity and could later be developed into potential drug “leads”. Both multi-disciplinary knowledge and advanced technologies are required in a HTS campaign.

About high content screening (HCS)

Based on automated high-resolution fluorescent microscopy imaging technology, HCS can provide considerable biological information for scientists in regard to cell growth, differentiation, migration, metabolic and signal transduction pathways. Therefore, the pharmacological and toxic properties of a lead compound are better understood, making it possible to enhance the speed of drug discovery and development.

About BOC Sciences

In order to become a helpful supporter for researchers and scientists involved in pharmaceutical industry, BOC Sciences has done a lot. In addition to be a trust-worthy supplier of biopharmaceutical chemicals, it also strives to improve the drug R&D efficiency by introducing advanced technologies and platforms. More importantly, it never stops its efforts in trying to unveil some long-lasting puzzles that emerges from a drug discovery project, related to the area of medicinal chemistry, drug testing, custom synthesis, analysis/purification or drug formulation.


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