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    9 thoughts on “Contact us”

    1. Ben Oberst

      What payment methods do you take? Can I order a small sample order for my first purchase? 50/60$ or so? Next order will be larger. I’m interested in etizolam or metizolam… Thanks

      1. cannabinnoidssales

        We mostly accept bitcoins.

        1. Mary Hinson

          NY other payment allowable? Bad experience with Bitcoins..

          1. cannabinnoidssales

            bitcoin is very safe.

        2. Zakiy belanger

          How can I get 5g sample. Of the best cannabinoid. If it’s gas I’ll come and spend few hundred with you on regular basis.

        3. Noidhead

          Any other pqyment options

    2. juan Rocha

      What is bitcoins i live in the USA i do not know please let my know thank you

      1. cannabinnoidssales

        you can easily get bitcoins from LibertyX or from any Bitcoin ATM

    3. Hi

      We are presently planning to review around 25 CBD brands. Please let me know whether you would like to be considered for having your CBD products reviewed in



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