CosRX 🍊🍊🍊 Triple C Lightening Liquid Review 2

CosRX 🍊🍊🍊 Triple C Lightening Liquid Review

One thing that has been a letdown with many, expensive vitamin c serums is how fast they oxidize. I’ve noticed this especially with Drunk Elephant, but also with SkinCeuticals, and Obaji. What I noticed with the COSRX Triple C Liquid Lightening is how fresh it was- very clear and slightly watery in consistency. So indeed their claims that they produce it in small batches appears to be true. This is a strong Vitamin C Serum, so if you have very sensitive skin, or haven’t used Vitamin C in the past I recommend beginning slowly and finding a good moisturizer or serum to mix this with before applying. I also recommend starting out using this every other or every third day until working your way up until your skin can tolerate daily usage of this alone.

This serum is also very pure, which I love, very few ingredients, but all beneficial ingredients and no fragrance or denatured alcohol. I found this to dry to a slightly tacky finish, and I’ve been using this mostly at night because of that. This has helped lighten some hyperpigmentation. The texture is very watery which makes applying it a little challenging without wasting some of the product. Overall this is an awesome and affordable vitamin C serum worth checking out.
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