Davinci IQ Herb Vaporizer - Unboxing & How To 2

Davinci IQ Herb Vaporizer – Unboxing & How To

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The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is a true work of art inside and out. With build quality you can feel, convenient smart phone controls, and unique Smart Path technology that shows us a new way to experience dry herb, the DaVinci IQ places the future of portable vaporization in the palm of our hands.

Taking design cues from smartphone manufacturers, the DaVinci IQ has a smooth and sleekly-painted casing that’s very sturdy yet lightweight. Underneath the dazzling hood, the DaVinci IQ features an all-ceramic zirconia vapor path that’s rare among vaporizers. The low heat conductivity of the high-grade ceramic delivers smooth, clean-tasting vapor. Along the way to the mouthpiece, vapor passes through the DaVinci IQ’s curious “flavor chamber”, into which you can load dry herbs. This imbues upon your vapor more flavor, and coats the contents of the flavor chamber with cannabinoids to make them more potent, an added quality you’re not going to find in just any vaporizer.

Small but innovative details found in the DaVinci IQ’s design make for a vaping experience that’s free of frustration, even playful. For instance, the funnel-shaped herb chamber makes loading the DaVinci IQ easier, and a zirconia pearl underneath the lid acts as a reflector of heat to provide even and thorough vaporization of dry herb. An LED light display made up of rows of dots puts on elaborate light shows made up of temperature numerals, battery power icons, and 1, 2, 3, or 4 squares to signify which Smart Path setting you’re currently on.

The DaVinci IQ smartphone app enables you to precisely toggle temperatures from your mobile device while the IQ sits in your pocket. When vaping temperature has been reached, the DaVinci IQ will vibrate. But you can also choose Smart Path settings that begin at a specified temperature then slowly increase 20F as your vaping session continues–the idea being that different experiences can be achieved at different temperatures. Rather than enjoy one of these experiences, the DaVinci IQ lets you explore all of them as the temperature gradually increases to unlock different flavors, aromas, and effects from your dry herb.

The DaVinci IQ is a vivid look at where the portable vaporizer has arrived after years of innovation, and where it is going. The Pax 2 and Firefly 2 blazed a trail with mobile app control and high-level technology and materials. The DaVinci IQ is a taste of what waits around the bend. Its designers have hinted that its mobile app may one day be able to recognize any cannabis strain, or even cannabinoid, that you search, and then automatically sync to its ideal temperature. On top of its technological advances, the DaVinci IQ is crafted for convenience, performance, and the special joy of using a really great product.


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