Digipath Labs DIGP Stock Dr Cindy Orser MoneyTV Cannabis Data Marijuana Lab Testing 2

Digipath Labs DIGP Stock Dr Cindy Orser MoneyTV Cannabis Data Marijuana Lab Testing

Donald Baillargeon of MoneyTV.net introduces the Chief Science Officer for Digipath Labs, Dr. Cindy Orser, to his show. Digipath Labs is a marijuana lab testing company based in Nevada.

“Last week CEO Todd Denkin spoke about the GroSciences division and how it can change the future of cannabis based businesses, giving them the science to succeed. Can you expand on that?”

“Yeah, so one of the things that really distinguished Digipath Labs is that we have always had a very strong R&D component in parallel to all the mandatory testing of cannabis we have been doing,” responds Dr. Orser. “So, we have focused on analyzing all of this data we have and particularly for potency. That included cannabinoids and terpenes. Early on, something we realized was that it is actually the contributions of the terpenes and therefore the terpene chemo profiling that is actually what is distinguishing across cannabis strains. Right now, strand naming has pretty much become branding because there are so many strain names out there and cannabis strains that have the same chemo profile based on cannabinoid content. But, when you look at the terpene content you start to see that there actually are some variability out there and they provide a strong metric to distinguish these strains down to a point to be able to identify the strain. So, we have formed this new entity GroSciences that is based on exploiting what we have learned about these terpene profiles.”

“Terpene is a term that many people may not be familiar with. They are one of the things that Digipath has a deep understanding of. Can you explain terpenes to our audience and what Digipath is doing to advance their understanding?” Donald Baillargeon asks.

“Yeah, terpenes are one of the most wide spread groups of chemicals in nature. Almost all plants make them, insect make them, in fact humans even make them. We see a similar parallel as we see in cannabinoids interacting with the human endocannabinoid system. These plant based terpenes are also physiologically bioactive and they interact with a different set of receptors in the human body so they are highly relevant to the chemistry of cannabis. As I was alluding to earlier, they are actually what is responsible for the individuality of cannabis strains; the aroma, the fragrance, how we perceive the strain. But, more importantly the physiological impact that these terpenes are having with the cannabinoids. They combine into what has been called the entourage effect. We have been spending a lot of time focusing on terpenes which are considered safe by the FDA so they have not stigma from their association with the cannabis plant. They are widely used for fragrances and flavorings already. We are seeing how we can develop various terpene master mixes for in both consumer products and the agriculture world.”

“We are almost out of time Dr. Orser, but what makes Digipath Inc. unique and uniquely positioned?” Donald Baillergeon asked for his final question.

“We are well established in the testing market. We are ISO accredited. We go the extra distance. We have this program now focusing on terpenes as well as our cannabis testing business which continues to grow at about 20% per year. So, we now feel with our new subsidiary in GroSciences that we look to have a very promising future and we hope that investors will join in with our success.” Dr. Orser answered.

“Once again the company is Digipath Inc., DIGP is there stock symbol. A fascinating education Dr. Orser, thanks so much for joining us.


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