DISHWASHING LIQUID The Making ( Step by Step Formula ) 2

DISHWASHING LIQUID The Making ( Step by Step Formula )

MAKE YOUR OWN PREMIUM QUALITY DISH WASHING LIQUID in 5 minutes for only 24 Pesos or USD $0.57

ZENAMIX PASTE is a detergent concentrate pre-mix which contains complete anti bacterial ingredients used for dish washing , liquid laundry detergent and other household liquid detergent making It contains anti stain, anti order and oil removers, all rolled to one, with a spacial additive of Gentle to Hands (GTU) for hand care, too. The making is simple and easy, No Hassle at all. .

Formulation No. DWLQ-1

You can make your own premium quality DISHWASHING LIQUID in just 5 minutes:

The finished product is an effective degreaser, removes unpleasant odor and stain fast. Brightens your dishes, wash after wash.



Using hand or electric mixer, mix and stir until fully dissolved.

800 ml. – WATER – Purified Water or Tap Water with Anti Bac
125 grams- ZENAMIX

100 ml. WATER – Set aside for final q.s. to complete the 1 liter size.


Then add –
0.5 ml -1 ml. – Liquid colorants of your choice ( green, yellow, orange, etc)
0.5 ml -1 ml. – Scent or fragrance of your choice ( apple, melon, lemon, lemon-lime, etc.)

Pour in –
93 grams – VISCOPLUS Powder to add viscosity and stabilize the mixture

Continue to stir until the mixture becomes smooth.

Add the remaining 100 ml of water ( Ref. Step A) to complete the 1 liter qty.


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