DIY it! - Magic 8 Ball // How to make a DIY liquid magic 8 ball fortune teller // Liquid DIY collab 2

DIY it! – Magic 8 Ball // How to make a DIY liquid magic 8 ball fortune teller // Liquid DIY collab

Tell your fortune with this week’s DIY it! episode. I show you how to make your own DIY Magic 8 Ball! The best part about making your own fortune telling Magic 8 Ball is you can say whatever you want as answers! If you enjoyed this liquid DIY tutorial, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE:

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I post a new DIY tutorial every Saturday with the occasional random craft how-to during the week!

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Leave your craft and DIY suggestions in the comments. Do you want to see more nerdy and gaming DIYs, more Minecraft, Undertale, Pokemon??? What about more squishy stress balls?? Galaxy everything?? Glitter everything?? Slime all the things?? Jello and gummy crafts?? Tell me what you want to see! 😀

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Fillable Plastic Ornament
Foam (I got mine from Joann’s. It’s seat cushion foam)
Fabric Paint
Water Repellent Glue
Glue Gun
Heat Tool
Eye Dropper

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