DIY Liquid Soap from Bar Soap(Stays Liquid,Non-Slimy) 2

DIY Liquid Soap from Bar Soap(Stays Liquid,Non-Slimy)

I started making my liquid soap from bar soap, however I did not like the slimy-gelly-like consistency it had at the end. So I cried out to the heavens “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!!!!” and the heavens anwered… here is the answer to my request. I trust this will be of use to you too 🙂

UPDATE: The minimum amount of Liquid Castile soap you need to keep bar soap liquid is 1/4 cup. Less amount will make it gelatinous. Thanks!

1 bar castile soap- 4 ounces (scented or unscented)
3 1/2 cups distilled water total (I used 2 cups to melt the soap, and then added the rest of the water to the container to fill it up)
1/4 c. liquid Castile Soap (this is the secret ingredient)
Essential Oils of choice (optional)

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