DMT and the Mainstreaming of Psychedelics | Rick Strassman MD ~ ATTMind 65 2

DMT and the Mainstreaming of Psychedelics | Rick Strassman MD ~ ATTMind 65

On today’s episode, we feature the author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Rick Strassman MD.
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Rick is a medical doctor specialised in psychiatry with a fellowship in clinical psychopharmacology research. His foundational work with DMT in the 90s was the first human-trial psychedelic research to be done in the two decades following the Controlled Substances Act of 1971. It was the clinical observations and participant reports during those trails that formed his book mentioned above, and the hit documentary by the same name.

We have him on the show to touch on how he feels about the impact his work with DMT has had on psychedelic research and the psychedelic subculture. We also talk god, prophecy, and even politics.


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Episode Breakdown

~ Rick’s feelings towards the profound impact that DMT: The Spirit Molecule has played in the psychedelic subculture.
~ Setting the record straight on DMT and the pineal gland.
~ DMT’s potential role in prophetic states, endogenous production as well as exogenous consumption.
~ Theoneurology vs Neurotheology – the relationship between God and the brain.
~Modern day prophets in the DMT subculture.
~Mainstreaming psychedelics:
~~~Stifling inquiry into the full nature of the psychedelic experience through fundamentalism, dogmas, and orthodoxies in the biomedical model for psychedelics.
~~~Renaming psychedelic drug adverse effects as “challenging experiences”
~~~Non-clinicians advocating for policy changes with clinical implications—specifically attempts to re-schedule psychedelics.
~~~Homogenizing widely disparate religious traditions by proposing that they all share a “common mystical core.”
~Questions From ATTMind Patrons:
~~~DMT vs Changa.
~~~Extended State DMT infusion: What is it and what’s the point?
~~~Rick’s current and future projects.

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