DMT and the Soul of Prophecy 2

DMT and the Soul of Prophecy

Interview with Rick Strassman who conducted ground breaking research chronicled in “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”. Find out how injections of DMT mapped very closely to spiritual experiences found in the Hebrew Bible.

* What is DMT?
* What are the cummulative effect from repeated dosages? What were the long-term changes or transformations that happened to people who experienced DMT? (e.g – problem solving was better, more creative, more altruistic, and less fear of death).
* What led you to study DMT and the Hebrew Bible? What is a prophet?
* What were major AHA’s with research you did between prophets and DMT?
* What do you think explains how some people have positive while others have unpleasant experiences with DMT? Do you think intellect and knowledge can contribute the difference between message and meaning that is channeled by DMT participant and a prophet?
* What did your test subjects experience with DMT and how did it compare to experiences discussed in the Hebrew bible?


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