DMT "BREAKTHROUGH"- 10 Lessons I Learned 2

DMT "BREAKTHROUGH"- 10 Lessons I Learned

A mystery that seems to defy our very understanding of what it means to be a human being in this strange and beautiful universe. By looking more deeply into the nature of the incredible DMT experience, we can uncover new insights about some of life’s biggest questions.

In this video, I share 10 lessons I learned from the DMT breakthrough experience.

1) Life is an infinite mystery that extends far beyond anything we could ever fathom (3:57)
2) Consciousness is not produced by the brain (4:49)
3) ALL IS ONE | ONE IS ALL (5:51)
4) “I Am That” (7:18)
5) Reduced fear of death (8:11)
6) The gift of this lifetime (8:53)
7) Pantheism and the sacredness of life (9:44)
8) The Great Awakening of Humanity (10:47)
9) Machine elves and life beyond earth (12:00)
10) The importance of integration (13:13)

This is just my subjective take, and I of course do not expect everyone to agree. The intention is more to create conversation around a topic which undoubtedly demands more attention from the scientific community as well as the religious.

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This is purely for educational purposes and as stated in the video, I do not AT ALL advocate the general use of DMT. This is not something to be taken lightly. Not only is it illegal- if used improperly, the experience can be downright terrifying and even traumatic. DMT is a very powerful, sacred substance that must be honored and treated with respect.

Music Credit: Nils Frahm- More

Video clips from:
DMT: The Spirit Molecule, The Fountain, Blueberry, Tool – Parabola (music video), Tool – Vicarious (music video)

Thumbnail Art: Louis Dyer

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