DMT Gateway For The Soul - Dr Rick Strassman 2

DMT Gateway For The Soul – Dr Rick Strassman

Show Notes –

Topics We Covered in this Podcast:

Powerful reminder we know nothing

Why does DMT exist

Connection to all Species on the Planet

Stripping away the Brains filter on reality

Unlocking DNA



Human Evolution

Spiritual Exploration

The Future

Living in the information age, it’s easy to develop a false sense of how much we really know when the answers to all our questions are just few clicks or a google search away. But with all this information at the tip of our fingers that can be accessed at any time, is it possible that it has it become harder to accept not knowing?

In this Podcast with Dr Rick Strassman we discusses his thoughts on consciousness, the universe and ultimately, how DMT can serve as a powerful reminder that we know nothing at all. Rick Strassman is most known for the DMT studies that where featured in the amazingdocumentary DMT The Spirt molecule.


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