DMT | The History & Truth of '"The Spirit Molecule" 2

DMT | The History & Truth of '"The Spirit Molecule"

DMT also known as “The Spirit Molecule” is a very interesting and complex psychedelic phenomenon. From seeing god to gnomes and aliens a DMT trip can be the greatest and most profound experience of a persons life.

I’ve done many psychedelics in my life but for whatever reason I always waited for DMT. I felt like I didn’t really deserve it yet and I knew it was something I wanted to wait for the right time to do. I tried for the first time last month and wow…not only was it a great glimpse into what DMT really is it was also a huge eye opener in that I really didn’t know what I was talking. I presented theories as facts and I needed to fix it.

So that’s what this video is. I hope you guys enjoy while also maybe learning a thing or two. Please check out the sources in the links below and I appreciate you for not only watching but reading to the bottom of the description lol Please give the video a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already. Smoke somethin, drink somethin & i’ll see you guys next week. Peace.
SOURCES:,N-Dimethyltryptamine Vine of Spirits : Ayahuasca) (Get Smart About Hallucinogens)


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