DMT: The Link Between Worlds, Part 2 The Inner Worlds. 2

DMT: The Link Between Worlds, Part 2 The Inner Worlds.

A lot of people wonder what the effect of DMT does. If you are looking for information before your first journey or want to know more before you blast off again, watch this video.

Please enjoy part 2 of my DMT: The Link Between Worlds series. If you enjoyed part 1 you are going to love part 2…….Let the epicness continue, epic slides, epic music and a epic story.

Keep in mind that I have dramatized everything to make it EPIC. I want to inspire young minds to think and dream big.

This experience is very real and should be approached with sincerity. DMT is a very powerful psychoactive drug and should not be something you play with to get high for fun.

DMT transforms the perception of who you think you are as a human being by giving your mind an experience of a different dimension of reality. Most of the time it is fun but the deeper you go the more awakened your awareness becomes.

DMT has the potential to change every aspect of your life (for the better) but to do so awareness of your current state of mind and how you have come to be you from the influence of others must be acknowledged first, the good and the bad.

Acknowledging the negative aspects of who you are can be confronting especially if these behaviours were created by those you love the most.

Strengthening your mind and learning how to become self aware of your feelings as they occur can help you from making bold decisions about the direction of your life after DMT.

Forgiveness and unconditional love are very important because the sub conscious negative influence of others was also an aspect of their lives to. Blind leading the blind so to speak.

If you are to break the cycle of negative sub conscious conditioning you must be the example and lead the way, keep your loved ones close to your heart and rise up together even if they have no desire to use DMT.

Older men and women with younger souls need younger men and women with older souls to support their awakening also through conversation and emotional support.

It’s your duty worker of the light (old soul) to rise up and remember why you incarnated into a human body in the first place. DMT will help you do that ever so gracefully.

My role is to create a path through the jungle of illusion that is the current reality on this planet. Your role is to expand it’s girth. Use my seeds of knowledge and explore them. For I am still awakening too.

My theory’s need a specialised educated mind in order to gain further insight. Like attracts like in the spirit worlds and the education you embody will be expanded from information uploaded into your emotional energy. Extract that information and share it with the world openly.

I know a little bit about a lot, It’s now your turn to expand what you embody about individual subjects and add it into the collective consciousness of this planet.

Be the specialist you know you are, awaken your mind to higher dimensional perception and remember why you came here.

This is not a life about learning new things, it’s a life about remembering what you already know.

Peace, love and unconditional support must be your leader.

Together we are strong, together we can transform perception.

We all share one thing in common….being human ! It does not matter where you live on this planet, what you look like or the culture you embody. If we are to evolve we must do it together.


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