EP23. Starting an Ethical Skincare Business 2

EP23. Starting an Ethical Skincare Business

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If you are creating natural, organic cosmetics with a view to selling them, the chances are you are also keen to run a sustainable, ethical skincare business too. Green beauty goes hand in hand with sustainability and transparency in all aspects of producing natural skincare, from field to face.

We’ve talked a lot recently about the need to drill into the sustainable sourcing of botanical ingredients and also discussed the true meaning of formulating with green chemistry credentials. We’ve also reviewed some of the trending, top environmental and sustainability issues facing the green beauty industry.

There is no end in sight to the challenges and market pressures facing the natural skincare formulator wishing to ensure their skincare products, at any point in their life cycle, don’t harm our planet’s resources and the people we rely on in our supply chains. Zero waste and damage limitation aren’t the only concerns of an ethical skincare business. Many of us also wish to do good, actively, by supporting campaigns, charities and causes that align with our business mission and resonate with us personally.

How do you go about factoring in all these concerns and at which point in your business plans? There are no easy answers, but our guest in this episode of our Green Beauty Conversations podcast has a wealth of experience on running a profitable, sustainable and ethical skincare true to its original mission and vision.

Anju Rupal, founder, visionary, former social worker turned social activist, runs Abhati Suisse, a botanical organic skin and haircare business that makes a truly positive, measurable difference to the day-to-day lives of not just customers and employees but now also thousands of people and environments half way around the world from its offices in Switzerland.

Abhati Suisse was conceived at the outset as an ethical business so much so that Anju says it was almost a by-product of her activism. Abhati’s high-end, organic botanical products drawing on Anju’s Ayurvedic roots in a British Indian family is a social enterprise spearheading several campaigns and causes from a reforestation charity and support for tribal farmers to education programmes for women and girls in India.

While ethical, transparent business was the core of Abhati’s mission from the start, Anju shares her experiences to inspire other formative brands to embrace ethical business not as an add-on, but as an integral part of their reason for being.

Anju won a place on the Sephora Accelerate 2018 mentorship programme and also shares some invaluable insights on how this initiative works hard to help women, founder-led beauty companies gain traction and fulfill their missions.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:
– How consumers are voting with their wallets these days and choosing brands that can demonstrate transparency and do more than pay lip service to ethical business.
-Why new skincare brands should look at the bigger picture beyond their industry to think not just about how they can minimise their negative footprint but also make a positive impact on the world.
-Why you don’t need to go it alone in your mission building a social, ethical enterprise;
-be confident and ask for help even from celebrities and bigger players in the beauty industry. You may be surprised at the support you can receive and the pro bono offers to contribute to your ethical business.
-Why you should think about the kind of profits you wish to make and how you’d like to reinvest them and make your decision clear in your mission from the start.
-Why using natural botanical ingredients at all costs, without understanding how they are sourced, harvested, processed and sold may be doing more harm than good.
-How to balance your brand communication between mission and product benefits as consumers are discerning, even if they value being able to buy from ethical enterprises.

Anju has some key insights on the Sephora Accelerate programme too, including: Don’t be scared to apply! Find out more:


You can find Abhati Suisse here:


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