Episode 28: Shane 2

Episode 28: Shane


This episode features Shane, a bit of a psychonaut as well as an advocate, volunteer, and worker in the field of harm reduction. He talks about a bad experience with a well known “research chemical” called 25I-NBOMe. He also talks about some of his time working with Zendo Project, Dance Safe, and other groups specializing in harm reduction.
Also, this episode marks the one year anniversary of Psychotropic! Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to many, many more stories.
Drugs Mentioned: 25I-NBOMe, LSD, Magic Mushrooms,
Music Featured: “Beautiful Bell Forest Delay” by Vox Mod, “Haste” and “Folder” by Unconceptual, “Creepy Delta Ship” by Sro, “The Fugue” and “Dreams Never Die” by Daniel Birch, “The Author Never Dies” by Nihilore, “Freezing but Warm” by Meydan, and “Warm Ups” by Drake Stafford.


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