Experiments on children( english audio)Kidnapped and trafficking of children 2

Experiments on children( english audio)Kidnapped and trafficking of children

Mengele-orchestrated experiments on children in modern camps in Austria. 2019 .
Trafficking of children .
Psychopaths and maniacs in Austria perform experiments on children. Well-organized and highly developed maniacal practice exercised on children. Maltreatment, violence, subjugation, persecution, blackmail, long-term threats in which everyone participates. Maniacs use chemicals as the safest weapon in their hands and apply them directly in all institutions where children are staying, in schools, social service, psychologist, children’s representative. CHILDREN ARE VICTIMS, HOSTAGES AND WITNESSES OF VIOLENCE EXERCISE ON THEM. They use- ,PENTATOL-Natriumpentotal- -RUFENOL-MEMORY . various viruses, various cocktails of chemical agents .They have been performing Mengele-orchestrated experiments on children over a long period of time. The chemical action on a minor child has been repeatedly exercised with the attempt to change the will and character, and in order to forcibly deter the child’s willingness. There are camps for children, a modern variant, as an illusion of freedom, with several smaller outposts. They try to cover everything well. They use all the basement experience of the maniacs from the past (Natasa campus, Josef Fritzl), as well as trauma victims who have been investigated, examined and applied to other children designated to be victims. They cause intentional addiction, psychological and mental disorders, disability, heart problems, traumas and suffering. Everything is being studied, monitored, recorded and depending on the situation, maniacs continue to exert their practice on the victims, because such a situation has been made as modern slavery that does not seem to be slavery at first sight, and allows violators to act during an unlimited period of time. The drugc control was taken over by the Hospital Rosenhugel, specializing in the control of victims – legal – their behaviour as victims and hostages of the system. In the hospital, victims are abused legally, drugged, blackmailed and controlled. Children are persecuted and maltreated where the sick mother of children does not understand this, and sometimes works for tyrants and in their interest. Maniacs in Austria have completely ruined extremely clever and intelligent children during the planned and organized crime. They continue with these criminal activities. Freedom for children. Maniacs do not give up, because the children’s rescue would mean their defeat and children as witnesses are dangerous for them. Children are abused cruelly. On 16th June 2017, doctors did not want to do urine analysis, knowing that children had been drugged. Everyone takes part in the project. The agony of children lasts for more than 3 years now. The tyrants do not intend to give up. The lives of the children are endangered. There is a possibility of revenge on children postponed by viruses, endangering of lives by created diseases. ABANDONING OF CHILDREN’S CAMPS. Children must leave Austria urgently.


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