FDA Tests Find Toxic Chemicals in Food 2

FDA Tests Find Toxic Chemicals in Food


Tom Neltner, chemicals policy director, Environmental Defense Fund, Washington, D.C.

Philippe Grandjean, PhD, adjunct professor, environmental health, Harvard University, Boston; co-director, Sources, Transport, Exposure and Effects of PFASs (STEEP) Center, University of Rhode Island, Kingston.

Linda Birnbaum, PhD, director, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Toxicology Program, Durham, NC.

David Andrews, PhD, senior scientist, Environmental Working Group.

Alan Bjerga, senior vice president, communications, National Milk Producers Federation, Washington, D.C.

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Environmental Defense Fund-Health: “FDA finds surprisingly high levels of PFAS in certain foods — including chocolate cake,” June 3, 2019.

Environmental Working Group: PFAS Contamination in the U.S., Accessed June 4, 2019.

FDA: “How U.S. FDA’s GRAS Notification Program Works.”


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