German Government admits participation in ChemTrail experiments 2

German Government admits participation in ChemTrail experiments

In this news segment from German television, the reporter looks into mysterious clouds that have appeared. They noticed differences in reality and satellite imaging provided by the Federal Government then investigated. German authorities admitted putting chemicals into the air for government experiments. These experiments in the US are controlled by “haarp” and have been going on for decades as they work on Tesla’s forbidden technology.

Experiments using radio frequencies and the ionosphere are used for things like weather manipulation, thought manipulation, creating earthquakes etc. This is not sci-fi stuff, this is real, and the german government has been up front with the chemtrails now. The US government still in most cases claims that these chemtrails dont exist, although there has been a couple times they have admitted “weather modification” to help prevent “global warming”. Learn more about chemtrails and how they are effecting your health.


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