GordoTEK Pharmahuasca & Pharmachanga (DMT with harmalas/MAOI/ß-carbolines, make your own ayahuasca) 2

GordoTEK Pharmahuasca & Pharmachanga (DMT with harmalas/MAOI/ß-carbolines, make your own ayahuasca)

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This video is my guide to pharmahuasca and pharmachanga. It may be the most important DMT video you will ever watch 😉 Hope I didn’t make it too long, boring, or hard to understand. I know some will be wanting to know how to make their own purified harmala extracts – I may cover this in a future video but its a whole lot easier just to buy them, they are cheap and legal in most countries including the United States. But below is a link for instructions on doing it yourself.

Health & Safety Wiki & Stickies:

Link to the purified 2-1-1 harmala mix I recommend:
(This is not an affiliate link). Same seller also has MHRB: https://u-dont-exist.com/mhrb-powder

How to administer sublingual medication:

Foods and Medications to Avoid with MAOIs:

Foods and Medications to Avoid with MAOIs

Make your own harmala extract mix:

More on THH: https://isomerdesign.com/PiHKAL/read.php?domain=tk&id=54
Pharmacokinetics of Hoasca alkaloids in healthy humans:
Effects of Ayahuasca on the human EEG:
Health study of long term heavy users of ayahuasca:

Here is the gem scale I recommend (a good price is around $20). This
is required for proper dosing (important).

Rick Strassman’s Book “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” (mentioned in the video)

Dennis McKenna: Beyond Ayahuasca – Occurrence & Biological Activities of Natural ß-carbolines

Music for this video was Antonio Vivaldi sonata for Oboe and Continuo in c minor, RV53 performed by 14 year old prodigy In-Gun Hwang. https://youtu.be/E-pIudhSCSg


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