Green Hair Algae - How to Get Rid of It FOREVER... Just Kidding. Here Are 3 Ways To Get Rid of It! 2

Green Hair Algae – How to Get Rid of It FOREVER… Just Kidding. Here Are 3 Ways To Get Rid of It!

Green Hair Algae – How to Get Rid of It FOREVER… Just Kidding, 3 Ways to Get Rid of Slimy Green Hair Algae

In this video, I hope to ask and answer the following questions about slimy neon green hair algae. How to get rid of algae with the blackout method aka the “nuclear method” .
The holistic method of controlling lights or co2 and trying to out compete the algae growth while also hand removing areas of it, after allowing it to grow enough that it will easily be removed by hand in slimy clumps, followed by a large water change and several days of other 10 to 20% water changes.

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My CO2 set up components (I’ve tried DIY, ADA Expensive and Cheap and this is the very best of both worlds, running on 4 of my tanks, non-stop for over a year now!

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my favorite light for incredible aquascaped tanks, that is streamline and crisp.
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Lastly there is the chemical route, which often works for other species of algae and not quite so well for green hair algae. Seachem excell, or carbon filters to get rid of excess nitrates and phosphates, as well as unfortunately the chemicals which bond to nitrates and phosphates but ends up melting certain aquascaping plants, like valesenaria and star grass.

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