Growing Cannabis for Oil Production 2

Growing Cannabis for Oil Production

Kevin Jodrey, Cultivation Director of Wonderland Nursery.

Kevin talks about segmenting cannabis cultivation to maximize terpene production and cannabinoid production for the purpose of whole plant oil production.

The segment of the consumer market that is consuming derivative oil based products (edibles, vape pens, etc) continues to grow. Some farmers will have the luxury of only growing flower or making high end hash. For everyone else, your business better have an oil component.

Kevin talks about using terpenes from cannabis to put back into oil products rather than buying non-cannabis terpenes from a bulk supplier. To do so, from a brand manufacturing standpoint, the idea is to segment your growers – some grow terpene rich strains, others high THC or CBD strains, run extractions, then marry it all back together at the end.


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