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Growing Exposed is the only show that gives cannabis connoisseurs an unrestricted
view into some of the most unique gardens in the country. Season two, episode
three takes us to Three Finger Farm in Oregon to check out their huge variety of
plants…101 streams to be exact! We will also go all the way to Barcelona to take you
inside Spannibas, Europe’s biggest cannabis event.
We start in Roseburg, Oregon at Three Finger Farm. At this farm they grow on
shared land, meaning a variety of farmers are using the land to grow a variety of
plants, both indoors and out.
Our tour guide Justin introduces us to Mark from Three Finger Farm and he explains
to us where they got the name from (if you’re old school, you might already have
guessed)! He shares that back in the day, it was a method used to weigh cannabis.
Justin finds out why it’s so important for them to have such a big variety of strains
and learns more about the breeding program at Three Finger Farm. Mark shares
that he’s not looking to reproduce what has already been done, but rather, loves to
take one particular point of a plant and introduce it to the genetics of his plants, be it
a growth, terpene, pigmentation or taste profile.
After hearing about the genetics of the variety of plants grown at Three Finger Farm,
it was time to get a closer look at the plants themselves in the veg room. Powered by
Dual Fuel, the garden was overgrown and plants are very healthy and full. Mark
shares he uses Green Planet nutrients to achieve maximum results and how these
products allow the plants to dictate what they need. Justin shares the three most
important things key to growing great cannabis…knowhow, good genetics and a
great environment.
Before we head to the flower room, we take a break from Three Finger Farm for
Teachings from the Garden Sage with David Robinson, to reveal the factors that
maximize yield. Number one: genetics, number two: environment, number three:
system and grower, number four: nutrients and additives. He breaks down why he
places the factors in this order to maximize yield in any garden.
Next, we head overseas to Barcelona, to take you inside Spannibas, known to be the
most prolific event in the cannabis ecosystem. People come from all over the world
to attend this multi day event, often leaving attendees (including our tour guide) a
bit dazed and confused. Get ready to go inside arguably the largest cannabis trade
show in the world. Justin shares what happens there and explains the energy and
vibe of the event while meeting some of the fans and sampling the goods.
Heading back to Oregon, its time to go inside the flower room at Three Finger Farm
and Mark talks plant pigmentation and what products he uses to get his plants
looking so beautiful. He goes into more detail about his 101 strains and why variety
is key, and for him, worth the added risk.
Finally, we head to one of the biggest dispensaries in Oregon, Nectar, to see Three
Finger Farm’s final product on store shelves. Our bud-tender shares why she’s not

only happy to sell Three Finger Farm flower, but also to smoke it. Justin gets hands
on with some big buds and checks out a few of the most popular choices.
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