Handmade Hashish / cream! 2

Handmade Hashish / cream!

It is believed that hashish originated in West Asia, where the cannabis plant was widely available. Northern Pakistan has a long social tradition in the production of hashish, known locally as Charas, which is believed to be the same plant resin as was burned in the ceremonial “booz rooz” of ancient Persia. Cannabis sativa subsp. indica grows wild almost everywhere in the Indian sub-continent, and special strains have been particularly cultivated for production of ‘ganja’ and ‘hashish’ particularly in West Bengal, Rajasthan and the Himalayas. The earliest hashish was created by gently rubbing palms and fingers on cannabis buds for hours to accumulate resin, which would then be scraped off the hand.

The principal utility of hashish, compared to other forms of cannabis, has been greater ease of storage, transport or concealment for purposes of export marketing. Consumption of hashish saw an increase in the 20th century, in Europe and America, associated with the hippie world travel subculture. Hashish use then declined significantly in the United States starting in the 1980s for several reasons, including U.S. political pressures against Afghanistan and the ensuing Soviet invasion, the Reagan-escalated War on Drugs, an increase in price, and the success of marijuana cultivators in North America with new methods for increasing THC production, such as indoor growing.

Source For Description: Wikipedia

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