Hank C. Burnette - "Liquid Ice" 2

Hank C. Burnette – "Liquid Ice"

This is a pretty peculiar track, I must honestly say (even though I’ve done a whole lot more crazy stuff in my days that outshines this one by miles
and then some!), cut as late as March, 2007 and using the computer for the entire recording process. Some of the instruments are even taken from a music computer program that I have installed! But the guitar parts that you hear are all played live by plugging one electric guitar and one acoustic into a Line 6 box and then straight into the computer via a USB cable. And no hanky panky goin’ on, such as time stretching and/or pitch transposing (I hate ‘cheating’ stuff like that, because you can actually lower the speed of the tune while recording and then raise it on playback without even affecting the pitch! Can make even a child or a blue eyed amateur a pretty decent guitar picker without hardly any knowledge at all of what REAL guitar playing is all about and that’s what I call ‘cheating’!). In fact, it wasn’t meant to be anything at all, just me fooling around with the
comp for an hour or so! But everyone around here that has heard it think it’s terrific, so I’ve decided to upload it, even though it sounds a bit
‘over the top’, if you ask me! Good, clean fun though & that’s what music should be all about, ain’t it?! Enjoy (?). Incidentally, I didn’t have any idea
for a video to go along with it, so I just took some awesome exotic car clips (I love fast cars!!!!) to go along with it! Better fasten your seatbelts,
cause HERE WE GO….
Original Composition by Sven-Åke Högberg (alias Hank C. Burnette). Copyright 2007 – All Rights Reserved.


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