Hexen - Where To Get Free Sample? 2

Hexen – Where To Get Free Sample?

SHD Chem is the vendor of Research Chemicals Products, such as 3F-A-PVP, 2F-DCK, Etizolam, 5F-MDMB-2201, NEP, EU, 4F-MPH, 5C-ADB, 4F-ADB and BMDP. We have done this field for more than 8 years, and we have professional supply channels and ample experience. We can provide the best service and consistent quality.

For samples
We can provide no more than 10g sample free of charge, but deposit collect. The deposit can be deducted when you place official order.

For transportation
Most of products can be sent out from us or our partner factories within 1 workday after receiving the payment. It will take about 3 days from us or factories to the agency. The agency will send it to you within 1 workday after receiving the parcel. It will take about 10~15 days from the agency to you.

For customs clearance
Customs clearance at destination is a concern of many customers. First of all, we know a lot about the customs policies of different countries. If there is any inspection phenomenon in the local customs, we will provide customs clearance materials as soon as possible. You just contact your local express or customs and advise the clearance documents to them, the parcel will be released within about 3 days.

Very few countries in the world have strict requirements, and most countries and regions can successfully clear their customs.

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