How Ayahuasca (DMT) Affects the Inner Workings of the Brain Explained 2

How Ayahuasca (DMT) Affects the Inner Workings of the Brain Explained



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We tend, you see, to always imagine the challenge rests with someone else. We have been made spectators to life by a dis-empowering view of ourselves carried to us by science, politics, TV, education & religious systems, & mass media. You know, you’re supposed to identify with Madonna or Elvis or somebody, but the richness, the INner richness of one’s own BEING – because it cannot be bought & sold, is deemed worthless by the culture. We actually live in a de-humanizing culture, the consequences of a thousand years of this kind of alienation. We have invented a sin for which there isn’t even a word in English that I am aware of, the sin of stealing the future from your own children..

Once you get to this place on what we might metaphorically call your Spiritual quest, once you get to the place where you hear about psychedelics, the issue is no longer about where is the gas peddle on the spiritual vehicle. The issue suddenly becomes, where is the brake ? Because this is the fuel to go where you want to go. This is the power to lift you where you want to be lifted.

“This is not shut & jive, this is not another Swami or Baba, those of you who doubt me I’d like to point out to you that DMT only lasts 10 minutes & I think it would be obligatory on anyone who thought they were going to carry out a critique of this position to just get that experience under their belt. And once that is done rather than carry on a critique, I think most people will join up, because this is incontrovertible evidence of the present of the transcendental in our lives” ~Terence McKenna

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Linking Ayahuasca, Mental Imagery, & Internal Attention with Neuroimaging – Dráulio Barros de Araujo



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