How Do We Clean Up Oil Spills? 2

How Do We Clean Up Oil Spills?

When oil is spilled into the ocean, it has some devastating effects on the ecosystem. How do we clean it up?

Where Does Our Oil Come From?

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The Gulf Oil Spill Isn’t Really Over, Even Five Years Later
“Two Louisiana scientists reflect on the event and how its lingering effects are continuing to change the Gulf Coast.”

Scientists develop mesh that captures oil-but lets water through
“The unassuming piece of stainless steel mesh in a lab at The Ohio State University doesn’t look like a very big deal, but it could make a big difference for future environmental cleanups.”

Nanocellulose sponges to combat oil spills
“A new, absorbent material could be of assistance in future oil spill accidents: a chemically modified nanocellulose sponge.”

How Are Oil Spills Cleaned?
“On Monday, workers in Australia rushed to contain an oil spill from a grounded ship in the Great Barrier Reef.”

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