How Much Can a Mosquito Drink? 2

How Much Can a Mosquito Drink?

No one likes to wake up to their squeaking or find nasty scratches as souvenirs the next morning. But it’s not just the itching that mosquitoes leave behind.

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What diseases do mosquitoes carry? 0:22
Why male mosquitoes don’t bite you 1:12
How much blood can a mosquito drink? 1:41
Whom they pick as victims 👈 2:40

How to stop a mosquito bite from itching 4:05

How to protect yourself from insect attention 🔴

– Wear tightly woven clothes in light colors 4:48

– Try oil of lemon eucalyptus spray 5:19

– Keep your pools clean and your grass shredded 5:46

– Grow some natural protectors 6:26

– Use the secret weapon 7:04

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– Dangerous infections mosquitoes carry around are West Nile virus (which has symptoms similar to flu but can seriously affect your nervous system), Zika virus (which causes fever, joint pain, and rash), Yellow fever, and Dengue fever (which can be deadly).
– Did you know that only female mosquitoes can bite you? They need blood as their source of protein and main course to develop their eggs.
– 3 milligrams or 5 millionths of a liter of your blood is what’s in one serving for them. That amount sounds like really close to nothing, but that is basically 2 or 3 times their body weight.
– Female mosquitoes have around 72 types of odor receptors on their antennae. 27 of those receptors help them recognize various chemicals in human sweat.
– Larger people emit larger amounts of CO2, so adults are more popular with mosquitoes than kids. And larger adults are their number one goal!
– An ice pack will help reduce swelling and pain. A paste of baking soda is a natural and effective option to stop the itchiness. If nothing helps, go for oral antihistamines.
– Oil of lemon eucalyptus spray is just as effective as DEET at protecting your skin from mosquito bites.
– Mosquitoes like to breed in stagnant water. It could be a pond, a pool, or any other piece of landscape design you forget to clean regularly.
– Lemongrass, geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary, basil, lavender, and mint not only look good but will also help you arrange mosquito-free zones.
– It turns out that your favorite perfume can help repel the little bloodsuckers.

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