How to apply Weld-Crete bonding agent bonding agent, liquid lath 2

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Howdy folks, in this video I give you some tips on how to apply a bonding agent prior to color coating a painted home.
First, your surface must be cleaned properly with a strong pressure washer. Remember, your new color will only be as strong as the surface it is adhered too, so preparation is not something you want to skimp on!

Larsen Weld-Crete and Plaster-Weld bonding agents have been specified by major architects, engineers and construction companies throughout the world since 1952.
Like all products read the directions well.
This product has many use’s for stucco and concrete.
How to apply Weld-Crete bonding agent.

FYI, the two main bonding agents sold in my area are, Weld Crete and quikrete are very similar, prior to the use of either the wall should be clean of dust dirt and all other forms of moss including efflorescence, I generally use a pressure washer with a turbo tip to get at least 3,000 pounds of force to clean these walls.
You can also use a wire brush with a lot of elbow grease, this sort of micro scores the existing wall for the bonding agent to adhere well thus, the new finish to adhere.
Weld crete is sold at all the professional yards, not hardware store, I believe quikrete to be just as effective as they wrote the book on stucco or render as they say in the UK.
Home depot sell the Quikrete therefor it’s much easier to find as Home Depots are everywhere where Plastering yards are few.

Weld Crete should only be by professionals that have much time in, see video below
which also show Sika bonding fortifier which is an additive to mixing stucco not designed for the wall specifically.


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