How to Avoid Buying Blasted Buds 2

How to Avoid Buying Blasted Buds

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Light Up Your Next Party with High Jinks!
High Jinks is a collection of over 50 cannabis games and activities for you and your friends to play at your next pot party. With various levels of expertise from Cannanewbie to Bong Lord, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a cannabis twist on an old favorite like Bong Pong or something completely wild and new like Drop a Dime Bag and Pineapple Expression, High Jinks is fun for all. Full of card games, dice games, and adult play, this book is sure to burn your bowl.

Try your luck at High and Go Seek… Crazy Eighths… Blunty Questions… Sparko Polo… Pin the Pipe on the Hippie… Bong Lords and Posers…Sativa Scavenger Hunt… 500 Pounds and more…



Dispensaries Exposed: How to keep from being ripped off by your medical cannabis dispensary. Jason Porter Collinsworth, cannabis breeder and co-author of The Unrevealed, demonstrates how to determine if medical cannabis has been “blasted” with a solvent before purchasing it.


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