How To Control Broad Mites and Russet Mites 2

How To Control Broad Mites and Russet Mites

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Broad mites and hemp russet mites on your cannabis leaves are so tiny they are practically impossible to see with your naked eyes, and still very difficult to see even under a microscope. Broad mites are more common than hemp russet mites but the symptoms and treatment are pretty much the same for both. With broad mites or russet mites, the new growth may be twisted, blistered and “wet” looking. If your plant is flowering the buds may turn brown and die. Broad mites can be one of the toughest marijuana pests to get rid of, (especially organically) but it can be done if you are careful and stay vigilant!

* Spray Just Before The Lights Go Out
Whenever treating your plants with any spray, do it 15 minutes before the lights go off so that your plant is less likely to get burned! When it comes to broad or russet mites, a lot of the “standard” miticides are not as effective and you’ll notice these particular mites aren’t listed on the labels. When you spray – make sure to drench the foliage under the leaves as well as the top of your soil. You want to use a spray bottle or mister. Use a fan to blow on your leaves to help things dry. ALWAYS treat your grow room more than once, even if you believe ALL the broad mites are gone.

* Properly Treat Often
You may have to treat several times a week or even daily if you have a terrible hemp russet mite infestation that simply will not go away. These treatments can be very difficult on your plants. Even so, do not wait to see how effective one treatment is before continuing or using another. Once infestations spread up your plants, it is almost impossible to save these plants. Don’t hesitate to discard entire plants, even if they are not entirely affected. While you are treating affected plants, the mites are hurriedly spreading to others. Prevent spreading mites. Discard infested plants in plastic bags and dispose of them in sealed garbage containers.

* Carefully Read and Understand and Then Follow ALL Instructions Make sure to read the full instructions and then follow them exactly whenever you are treating your plants. You will save yourself a lot of big headaches!

Repeat treatments weekly for 5 more weeks AFTER your mites are gone – AFTER you think broad or Hemp Russet mites are completely gone, don’t stop! Treat your plants at least once a week for 5 additional weeks. If you do not completely eradicate ALL of them they will come back with a vengeance and be even more resistant to whatever you throw at them. Be sure you mist or lightly spray both sides of ALL of the leaves with 1 to 2 ounces per gallon of Tweetmint!


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