How to use a Waterproofing liquid-cement membrane 2

How to use a Waterproofing liquid-cement membrane

Waterproofing liquid-cement membrane for all foot traffic surfaces and direct bonding of floor tiles – COLOURED –

CEMENENGUAINA is two components waterproofing liquid resin cement, consisting of; Component A: Carefully selected resins dispersed in water, thinners and additives. Component B: Mixture of special cements and fast reactive additives.

Its fluidity allows a quick and easy application by trowel or roller.
On completion CEMENGUAINA is completely waterproof, trafficable, elastic, and weather resistant. The membrane can be left exposed to the weather elements or finished with special finishing products such as (NAIRETAN 200 POLIURETANICO/G), or direct bonding of pavements and tiles. CEMENGUAINA is resistant to permanent water-logging, and ideal for waterproofing of swimming pools together with adhesive NAI CM KOLFEX.

Grey, brown, light grey, red, green


•Excellent adhesion properties on any type of surface and support;

•Quick and extremely easy to apply;

•Quick drying

•Appropriate to direct bonding of tiles even after a long exposure;

•Allows to maintain existing levels for the implementation of a new pavement.

•Protects the underlying substrate from chemical and environmental effects.

The I.C.N. Ltd. (Naici chemical Industry) was established in the 90’s. In a very short time the company registered a stable growth in sales and distribution. I.C.N. is based in Italy at Via Quinto Stradone Sandalo di Levante, Nettuno. In recent years the company acquired the prestigious brand NAICI, present on the market since the beginning of the 80’s,
Whit this brand the company produces a wide range of resins and special chemicals for building, restoration, maintenance and protection.
NAICI products are designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the construction industry and are the tangible result of ongoing daily research that contribute to solving all problems arising from constant building progress and exigencies. The high quality standards and an attention to quality, effectiveness, durability and respect for the environment are the guiding lines of the NAICI production. With a proper process of cross-fertilization, we’re also able to innovate quickly.

Our waterproofing liquid membranes are a warranty against the seepage. They are easy to apply on any support and position, they are strong and lasting.
NAICI is a leading brand for resin floors and offers a wide range of products for this purpose.
In recent years, use of resin floorings is increasingly both in industrial and decorative sector. Our resins are well suited to any type of requirement and processing.

NAICI has several lines of products: detergents, descalers, stones and terracotta treatments, product to renovate, dehumidify and against the rising damp.
Furthermore, NAICI, for the distribution of products, offers a wide sales network made of expert technicians, able to assist and supply numerous outlets scattered nationwide.
In addition, to ensuring a strong presence on the territory, NAICI provides assistance and expert advice providing guidance and clarification on the use of the products.
Due to its favourable location in central Italy and its very effective distribution network the company ensures product knowledge by its distribution personnel and timely deliveries.
The company, to be constantly close to its customers, make use of the ability of a qualified team of technicians and applicators to provide, anytime and everywhere in Italy, qualified technical assistance in the field of waterproofing and dehumidification. Design and technical advice regarding the use of flooring resins for residential, industrial and sports are available too.

Communication to customers, finally, is a very tidy activity made through the website, the newsletter sent to customers, professional and all of those request it through the website.


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