Instant Credit Card Processing for Hemp-CBD Sellers 2

Instant Credit Card Processing for Hemp-CBD Sellers

In this video, e-Commerce expert Kevin James, shows you how to integrate and use Google Pay to accept credit cards and debit card payments when selling high-risk products such as hemp flower, CBD isolate power, kratom and other products

In 2019, we’ve placed over 400 CBD sellers with Google Pay and not one merchant has experienced a disruption in service nor had their funds frozen.

– Google Pay can be activated in less than 5 minutes by going to

– You don’t need to sign up for a business account as that will take approximately 5 days for approval.

– You will be instructed by Google to enter a bank-issued debit card. Electronic payments that you receive will be settled deposited into the bank account associated with your debit card.

– Google Pay lets you receive $10,000 per day in credit card processing volume. That’s not a typo. This daily amount is more than sufficient for most start-up companies.

– The maximum limit for a single transaction is $2,500.00

Several powerful features of Google Pay include; no application fee, no waiting period to take your account live, and there are no transaction fees whatsoever. None.

In other words, when you receive a $200.00 payment — exactly $200.00 is deposited into your bank account. Do the math and calculate how this benefit impacts your bottom line.

Keep in mind that Shopify and other website companies will not allow your customers enter their credit card number into your checkout page for online purchases involving the sale of CBD products. This is where Google Pay comes to the rescue.

How Do You Get Paid?
Simply open up your Gmail account send your customers a payment request along with a thank you message.

After signing up for Google Pay you’ll find a ($) GPay icon at the bottom of your email. It’s a simple two-step process in getting paid.

Will you lose sales in the two step process?
No. In fact, the two-step process is the best way to tie down a sale, avoid charge-backs and fraud that’s prevalent in the high risk CBD space.

As a matter of fact,, the largest e-Commerce platform in the world requires that buyers set up an account first, confirm their email address and their credit card details before product is shipped out. The two-step process works.

Got questions or need help integrating Google Pay into your website? Visit or send and email to: [email protected]


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