Introduction to IntellectPeritus 2

Introduction to IntellectPeritus

IntellectPeritus is a globally recognized Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) consulting company, offering strategic & comprehensive solution of Intellectual Property & Technology Research to a global clientele including law/attorney firms, technology corporations, start-ups, venture capitalists, patent brokerage firms and individual inventors.

Our eminent focus is on providing “excellent quality of analysis (patent & non-patent)”​ clubbed with interactive, secure, web based tools, “Innovigence Coronium”​ & “Innovigence Corona”​ to all our clients, with only goal to fill the gap between quality analysis and interpretation of conclusive results to make smarter business decisions, by providing “Innovative Intelligence (Innovigence)”​, that you can trust.

IntellectPeritus specialized in Patent Research & Analytics, Patentability, Novelty, Prior-art, Freedom-To-Operate, Right-To-Use, Clearance, Domination, Infringement, Right-To-Make, Invalidation, Validation, Opposition, Due-Diligence, Patent Watch, Chemical Structure Search, Bio-sequence Search, Technology Landscape Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio Benchmarking, Technology Watch, Competitor Watch, Technology Trend Analysis, Patent-To-Product Mapping, Product-To-Patent Mapping, etc.


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